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Working together and running together!

Parkrun organise weekly 5km timed runs around the world. Free and open to everyone, they are a great way to enjoy the UK's parks and countryside, no matter whether you are a novice or an Olympian!

In the spirit of the The365Crowd working together, we sent volunteers to take part in the Queen Elizabeth Country Park event, between Petersfield and Waterlooville. Nicola, who is a seasoned Parkrunner, did a fantastic job of organising the teams together, though she might regret choosing one of the hilliest events on the calendar! According to QECP has the 509th out of 519 highest level of elevation change in the UK with 376 feet.

Nonetheless, all of our athletes did a fantastic job, enjoying both the challenge and the team bonding!

Well done to Nicola, Katrina, Muaaz, Darrell, Tommy and Stacey for taking part.

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