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The365Crowd Mission

To guide organisations on their on-going journey towards being a modern business

The Modern Business

A modern business embraces contemporary practices by utilising: 


  • Collaborative working 

  • Flexible working times 

  • Work from anywhere 

  • Efficient workflows 

  • Artificial intelligence


Your Journey to the Cloud

Moving your business to the cloud has many benefits. However, there is a reason you haven't done it already. There are many perceived blockers to moving to the cloud such as security concerns, connectivity and staff adoption.


However, with our experience and a phased approach, we make your journey to the cloud a reality. With minimal disruption, you can make use of the security and productivity benefits on offer from the Microsoft platforms.

Work Life Balance

Don't be tied down to the office, stay productive around your life. With a modern business managed in the cloud, you can use mobile and tablet apps to work from anywhere at any time. 

The modern workplace does not tie you down to your office, so you can do the things that are important to you.

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